About us

KDesign offers cutting edge Kitchen, Laundry and Waste Management design services to the international foodservice and hospitality industry. We work closely with the client and the project team to deliver their objectives.

About us KDesign

Each project is led by one of our partners ensuring a personal service for each client and all tasks are conducted in-house without the need for outside consultants ensuring the calibre of our work is consistent and our standards exceptional. Our work is creative, realistic and client-driven. We understand the practical business and operational issues and know how to integrate it into flexible, state-of-the-art facilities that are economically viable and operationally sound. KDesign is an associate company of Atelier EPJ, a leading hospitality consultancy that has been active in the region and internationally since 2010. with awards.

The company principals’ backgrounds are of varying sectors within the foodservice industry, each providing their own unique perspective. This allows us a holistic view of each project that remains within focus of the overriding objectives of our client while ensuring a dedication to the details that determine the success of the operation. Through more than 35 years in food & beverage the team have delivered detailed design support for projects as diverse as 6-star Hotels and Resorts to independent luxury lifestyle venues to QSRs, Hospitals, Universities, Art Galleries and Cruise Liners. An eclectic contract history has led to a unique reputation within the food and beverage industry with a number of projects being recognised with awards.

We develop cutting edge and contemporary design that enhances the dining experience. We are passionate about culinary design and continue to build an ever growing team of professionals that share our values. Our partners and principals boast backgrounds as hoteliers, restaurateurs, chefs, food and beverage professionals and restaurant designers. This exceptional diversity combined with the team’s varied international experience ensures constant innovation, creativity and solution-based thinking. KDesign brings together the expertise of Elmar Pichorner, Patrick John and Alexander Lymar providing a wealth of more than 60 years combined experience in the global foodservice and hospitality industry. With a reputation for delivering stunning and unique experiences on global projects, it is this experience combined with a genuine passion for food & beverage that allows KDesign to develop concepts that are both contemporary and cutting edge.